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Monday 17th October was an evening where members of IACC had the opportunity to put their skills to the test, when two models gave their time to pose for both painters, and photographers. Isobelle and Brogan sat individually to enable both sets of members could work simultaneously. The painters were accompanied by Caroline McFarlane, who will be presenting a demonstration on portraiture later in the year for the club, whilst the photographers were busy getting to grips with their recently acquired studio lights, which were being used for the first time.

The images are of Isobelle with the painters and Brogan with the photographers.


PDI COMPETITION 24th October 2016 Theme : 'Transport'


1st - Stuart Johnson - Yara Gas Ship at Purfleet on the River Thames, 2nd - Tony Raven - City Sight Seeing,
3rd - Harry Johnson - Taxi

Highly Commended - Hazel Hartshorn - Just Married

Commended - Carol Purdy - On Standby; Stuart Johnson - Air Ambulance at Malham Cove; Grant Shaw - Smile Please; Tony Raven - Taxi Cab


PDI Competition 'Dereliction' - 28th November 2016


1st - Grant Shaw - 'Derelict', 2nd - Stuart Johnson - 'I need some new windows', 3rd Chris Hutsby 'Rack n' Ruin'


Highly Commended - Tony Raven 'Decayed Grandeur' Hazel Hartshorn 'Going Nowhere'






On Monday 9th January, club member Brian Ottewell gave a demonstration on Painting Using Alternative Methods.  It was an enjoyable evening proving that there is no need to use a brush to produce fantastic artwork. All attending were fascinated by the various implements used by Brian. These included water sprays, pipettes, salt flakes, cotton buds and other everyday implements. Will everyone present now put their brushes away?

Watch this space. Tony


gallery/brian otterwell demonstrtion.
gallery/brian otterwell demonstration  3


'OPEN' themed print competition 23rd January 2017


FIRST : Steve Moorcroft - 'Boathouse on Rydal Water'.   

Second : Tony Raven - 'Lock on City Canal'.  

Third : Steve Moorcroft - 'Fountains Abbey'.


gallery/boathouse on rydal water 1200
gallery/caroline mcfarlane demonstration 30  01 17-26



On Monday 30th January we saw a demonstration on how to create a magnificent portrait using pastel. 

The demonstration was given by Caroline McFarlane, who was previously a member of IACC, so knew several of the attending audience.

She described what, and how, she was achieving the results in a very clear and non-technical way, that everyone understood.  Everyone was fully engrossed whilst Caroline was working. You could hear a pin drop. 

Let’s hope that all that was shown and explained by Caroline stays within the memory banks, so that we too can at least put the night’s demonstration to the test ourselves.


Tony Raven     

Results of our first 'Open' Print competition, 28th September :


First - Harry Johnson - Drive By,  Second - Hazel Hartshorn - 59th Street Bridge
Third - Craig George - Ullswater

Highly Commended:
Stuart Johnson - Starlit Crich, Harry Johnson - White Flower

Tony Raven - Dandelion Clock, Hazel Hartshorn - Jack and Flo, Carol Purdy - Rhubarb and Custard
Chris Hutsby - Peace Lily


Monday 13th February saw our annual Mayors Competition, and this year the subject was “Buildings” It was an excellent evening with over 50 entries of photographs and art work.
The Mayor, Councillor Abey Stevenson, was very knowledgeable with both photography and artwork, and made it a most memorable evening. His comments were constructive, and applauded the quality of work presented.
The winner for best Photograph was Harry Johnson, and the winner for best painting was Christine Grace. TONY RAVEN

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